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Chorus Skating

Chorus Skating


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Description for CHORUS SKATING by Alan Dean Foster:


Spellsinger Jon-Tom is not in search of the Lost Chord; he's found it: living notes adrift from some extradimensional chorus line, fugitive from an otherworldly unfinished symphony. And the errant air wants Jon-Tom to follow it---right off a clef, into deadly peril.

For a minor key adventure turns major as Jon-Tom, his otter pal Mudge, and the schizo scherzo rescue a gaggle of spoiled princesses, battle the compulsions of a bizarre bazaar, wage war on a guerrilla gorilla, are sucked into a mocking maelstrom---and are trapped by an evil alien band who plan the ultimate musical rip-off, plunging the universe into the sounds of silence. Now, unless Jon-Tom's magic can conquer the airwaves, the hills will be alive with the sounds of an evil wizard who writes the songs that make the whole world...Scream!

This is #8 in Spellsinger Series.

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