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Christian Doctrine: Teachings Of The Christian Church

Christian Doctrine: Teachings Of The Christian Church


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Have you ever struggled through a definitive book on any subject, wishing that the author had provided a road guide through the book? Such a guide would have been written after the rest of the book and might have included questions and points to remember during reading, a look at the author's biases and limitations, an explanation of some major tools utilized in the study, and questions, questions, questions to start you thinking and eagerly paging through the entire volume. CHRISTIAN DOCTRINE: TEACHINGS OF THE CHRISTIAN CHURCH offers precisely that. Thoughtfully and quite handily, it tells readers what to expect and helps them know how to go about their study.

Dr. Shirley C Guthrie, Jr., is the author of this remarkably personable and readable formal study of theology. Personable? Readable? A formal study of theology? Right, that exactly what the man wrote.

"Whether you know it or not, you are already a practicing theologian," he tells us. "Our purpose in this book is simply to articulate and see some answers to questions you have been consciously or unconsciously struggling with all your life."

In each chapter, he presents readable, well-organized, annotated materials which help to explore questions in new ways and to unearth new meaning, new truth. Guthrie ends each chapter with a section of thoughts and questions called "For Further Reflection and Study," suggesting that readers "might find it helpful to glance first at this section every time you being a new chapter."

Although he wrote the first of the book last and now wants readers to read the end of each chapter first, Dr. Guthrie succeeds in grabbing every reader's attention with his first sentence. And the majority of readers will surely be convinced of the worth of reading Guthrie's entire book after reading his first paragraph. What else is there to read about?

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