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Cinderella's Secret Agent

Cinderella's Secret Agent


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Description for CINDERELLA'S SECRET AGENT by Ingrid Weaver:

THE AGENT: Dashing sharpshooter Del Rogers. THE EMERGENCY MISSION: Saving the day when pregnant waitress Maggie Rice needed a helping hand -- pronto!

THE HIDDEN TALENT: Giving Sir Galahad a run for his money.

Holed up on a stakeout, Del was determined to capture a dangerous traitor named Simon. After a history of heartbreak, falling in love did not factor into his undercover mission. But then he delivered Maggie's baby and found the Cinderella of his dreams. Before he could assess the situation, Del had temporarily stepped into the role of Delilah's doting father... and Maggie's adoring husband! Dare this chivalrous secret agent indulge in fantasies of happily-ever-after?

A YEAR OF LOVING DANGEROUSLY: Where passion rules and nothing is what it seems...

Silhouette Intimate Moments #1076, May, 2001.

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