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City Of Cain

City Of Cain


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Description for CITY OF CAIN by Kate Wilhelm:

In contemporary Washington, a proposal is before the Senate to build a secret underground development, a hidden complex which would house the nation's defense facilities in the event of nuclear attack. Only a handful of men, however, know what the proposal really means: a city.

A city that would protect the nation's "elite" down underground in time of crisis and leave the "unqualified" to fend for themselves. A city that would serve as a testing ground for scientists to experiment on human programming and preconditioning. A city that would guarantee control for the military of the country's weaponry, and thereby of the country. A city that would destroy America---unless Peter Roos can stop it.

Peter Roos: physicst, Vietnam veteran, and brother of Senator Edward Roos, one of the project's chief sponsors. Wounded by a shell fragment in his head. Peter is convalescing at the Senator's house, trying to fill in the amnesiac blanks the wound has given him, trying to force himself back to a normal life. But blinding headaches attack him in the middle of the night, his hearing behaves strangely, becoming unnaturally acute, and his thoughts...are not always his own. Other men's thoughts, other men's dreams keep crowding into his brain---and those of his brother and his colleagues are all about the city, the great, gray, horrifying city.

Peter determines to do something about it, but the men of power don't intend to let him. Senator Roos pleads with the others that Peter can be silenced, but the stakes are too high. They want Peter out of the way permanently. And they intend to see to it themselves.

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