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City Of Fear

City Of Fear


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Description for CITY OF FEAR by J D Cameron:


One awesome American submarine remains afloat after the fires of the Apocalypse have destroyed civilization: the U.S.S. Liberator, sailing the oceans of a nuclear-ravaged world on the most dangerous mission of all…survival!

On a grim journey through the ruins of the Panama Canal, Captain Tom Donovan and his crew discover a nightmare city under siege -- the decaying jungle stronghold of a once powerful dictator, prowled by man-eating predators and radiation-crazed “white-shirts,” Beset on all sides by bloodthirsty enemies, the ruthless tyrant ensnares Donovan's men in his desperate struggle to retain control of his corrupt domain -- a devastating power-play with death and terror the weapons…and the Liberator the prize!

This is #3 in Omega Sub Series.

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