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Closer Still

Closer Still


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Description for CLOSER STILL by Jo Bannister is taken from the back of the book:

Brodie Farrell has all but put her detective agency, Looking for Something, on hold while she tends to her new baby, born with a rare condition. Now, as her son's health issues stabilize and longtime friend Daniel Hood offers to care for him, she finds herself drawn back to the business of searching---particularly for a killer who some suspect is Dimmock Police superintendent Jack Deacon...her baby's father.

The victim is Joe Loomis, a nasty underworld character with a grudge against Deacon, who calmly threatened Brodie and baby Jonathan. Loomis's dying words have incriminated the police superintendent, and now the brass have removed Deacon from the case for both motive and opportunity. But when suspicions of a terrorist attack turn the focus away from the circumstantial and toward the truly horrifying, Brodie finds herself in the midst of a panic-stricken town turning violent while a killer watches closely from the sidelines.

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