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Clutches And Curses

Clutches And Curses


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Description for CLUTCHES AND CURSES by Dorothy Howell:

Life is finally looking good for amateur sleuth/professional fashionista Haley Randolph. Her sort-of-boyfriend Ty is now her official boyfriend, her job at Holt's department store is going well, and she's on track to get her hands on the Delicious -- the hottest purse of the season. What could possibly go wrong?

A curse from an irate customer? Haley doesn't believe in curses but when things start to go really wrong she jumps at the chance to pack up her wardrobe and transfer to the new store near Las Vegas...where she promptly finds the body of Courtney Collins, an old classmate, sprawled across the floor of the menswear department.

It seems the curse also made the trip from L.A. because Haley is now suspect #1. Sure, everyone knows she was jealous of the now un-fashionably late Courtney back in the day, and Courtney was about to launch a spectacular new line of designer bags. And, well, there weren't any witnesses when Haley actually found the body...

Since she definitely doesn't look good in prison stripes, Haley's going to have to get to the bottom of this increasingly strange mystery. Finding and catching the killer won't be easy...and getting rid of this curse once and for all may mean going against everything a real fashionista stands for...

This is #4 in A Haley Randolph Mystery.

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