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Cobra Bargain

Cobra Bargain


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Description for COBRA BARGAIN by Timothy Zahn:

It is the year 2474, Corwin Moreau, now 55, is governor of Aventine, but the fact that the Moreau family has held power for so long is beginning to generate bad feelings in the Cobra Worlds Council. Corwin's contributions to the colony is success and those of his legendary father---Jonny Moreau, the original COBRA---are fading in the light of an anti-Cobra political faction.

But the greatest challenge of "Cobra Bargain" faces Corwin's niece, Jasmine. Her only ambition is to become a Cobra---but no woman has ever been accepted to the Academy or ever will be, if her opponents have their way. Then a mission arises that demands Jasmine's participation. Information is desperately needed on the planet Qasama's growing space capabilities. A female would create camouflage for the infiltrating force---and because Jasmine has mastered the difficult Qasaman language, she is reluctantly accepted. Disaster strikes almost immediately....

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