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Cold-Case Killer

Cold-Case Killer


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Description for COLD-CASE KILLER by Dorothy Francis:

Key West foot reflexologist Keely Moreno can't say no when Maxine, her office cleaning lady, begs her to help her son Randy clear his name. Twenty years ago, Randy was convicted of murdering his fiancee, only to be newly released on DNA evidence. Now his mother is worried about what her bitter and vengeful son might do.

Before Keely can even contemplate her next move, a threatening note warns her to back off...or else. In trying to pawn the mystery off on her private-investigator boyfriend, she's drawn deeper into Randy's past and his work as a diver on a search team hunting for a sunken Spanish galleon. Randy believes the real killer was one of the other divers, but proving his theory threatens to become a one-way trip for Keely--deep into Florida's wilderness, alone, hunted and marked for death.

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