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Cold Hit

Cold Hit


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Description for COLD HIT by Stephen J Cannell:

BETWEEN A COLD WAR... Shane Scully has found his footing while his partner is going down in flames and a serial murderer rattles L.A.. Each corpse has been mysteriously defiled. Then, in the middle of the hunt, Scully gets an idea that may cost him his life.

AND COLD, HARD TRUTHS... Scully suspects that someone with inside information has neatly "hidden" one murder inside this messy serial killer case. His copycat theory ignites a crossfire between LAPD and the Feds.

IS A WHITE-HOT CASE OF MURDER. Now Scully knows he has a ten-year-old cop-killing to clear, while two street-smart detectives lead him into a secret world of international espionage and a powerful counter-terrorism chief from the top of the U.S. government warns him away. To do his job, Scully must risk everything--unraveling the mystery of a Cold War act of betrayal, a brutal street crime, and a killer just waiting to hit again...

This is #5 in the Shane Scully series.

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