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Cold Summer

Cold Summer


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Description for COLD SUMMER by Alice Harron Orr:

When Caro Hardin returned to the isolated north country as she'd vowed she never would, the friend she'd come to rescue had vanished. All that remained was an uncannily cool July - and the object of a school-days crush on whom Caro hoped to rely. Under usual circumstances, Mike Schaeffer wanted nothing more than to reestablish romantic ties with Caro, but now a murderer was in their midst, and Caro could possibly provide the psychological profile, the much-needed map of the deranged madman's mental terrain. Only a kiss shared years ago by Mike and Caro offered hope. But while they sought to illuminate the dark recesses of the murderer's mind, even the great power of love began to fail. And it seemed Mike and Caro might not survive the cold summer - nor the even colder killer.

Harlequin Intrigue #216, February 1993.

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