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Cold Tea On A Hot Day

Cold Tea On A Hot Day


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Description for COLD TEA ON A HOT DAY by Curtiss Ann Matlock:

Marilee James has a complicated life, caring for a special-needs son, playing surrogate mother to her abandoned niece, and temporarily running the local paper until the new managing editor arrives. She's so busy attending to everyone else that her own yearnings get pushed aside.

Then Tate Holloway comes speeding into town in his BMW, bringing his whiz-bang laptop, his journalistic integrity and the thrill of remembering what running a small-town newspaper is all about.

Tate is a firm believer in the little things that make life worthwhile: overripe peaches, a good dog, a passionate kiss...the kinds of things he thinks Marilee needs to rediscover -- with him. Problem is, she's already engaged.

Not about to let a little thing like a fiancé stand in his way, Tate sets out to win Marilee's heart, little by little, starting with cold tea on a hot day... and working up to a lifetime in the arms of the right man.

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