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Cole For Christmas

Cole For Christmas


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Description for COLE FOR CHRISTMAS by Darlene Gardner:

Merry Christmas to Anna...

Anna Wesley can't bear anyone to be alone on Christmas Eve, not even her new marketing assistant Cole Mansfield -- the man who's after her job. Still, she invites him to dinner with her family. Big mistake. Anna's never brought a man home before, so Cole is treated like a future son-in-law. Worse, Cole acts the part, touching her every chance he gets...and she's enjoying it far too much! So much so that she's sure she's getting Cole for Christmas!

Romancing the boss is out of the question for Cole -- not with the secret he's hiding. But around Anna's family, her touch-me-not attitude turns, then blazes out of control. This Anna isn't his boss, she's all woman -- and it's no secret she's all Cole wants. With the family's invitation to join them on their ski holiday, he knows the time is right to make Anna his -- forget socks, sweaters and a toothbrush...the only thing Cole's packing is mistletoe!

And to Anna, mmm...a good night!

Harlequin Temptation #955, December, 2003.

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