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Common Ground

Common Ground


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Description for COMMON GROUND by Jeane Gilbert-Lewis:

When Blaise Hollander's jeep broke down in the woods of Virginia, he knew he was in trouble. The property he'd been scouting for a new development was isolated and deserted. There would be no passing traffic, apart from the whirring mosquitoes and blue flies. And the summer heat was stifling. Hiking down the road, he finally found a house with a phone and a listing for Les Braddock, "The Car Doctor".

This doctor made house calls. But when a lithe, slender driver jumped out of the repair van, Blaise couldn't believe his eyes. This stunning creature with flaxen hair and sky blue eyes was a mechanic? Neither the mannish blue uniform nor the heavy tool chest could hide the fact that Leslie Braddock was a very attractive woman.

Les wasn't sure why the man with the jeep stuck in her mind. With eyes as dark as India ink, he seemed capable of reading her secret thoughts and dreams. But he was only a customer, one of the passing tourists who came to breathe in the beauty of the Virginia coast, the land Les loved. Since she'd inherited River's Edge from her father, Les was determined to keep the place the way it was---wild, untamed and unspoiled by city slickers like Blaise Hollander.

Kismet #126

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