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Completely Smitten

Completely Smitten


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Description for COMPLETELY SMITTEN by Kristine Grayson:

Beauty And The Beast...

Allow me to introduce myself: My name is Andrew Vari, and I'm short (very short), and not exactly handsome. Actually, that's only partly true. My real name is Darius, and if you caught a glimpse of my true form, you might just swoon. It was my arrogance about my looks and magical powers that got me into this fix. I'm living under a curse the Fates placed upon me two millennia ago. My penance is to unite a thousand pairs of soulmates--however long it takes.

Here's where things get complicated: You see, I just met the most amazing woman. Her name is Ariel Summers, and she's smart, beautiful, athletic...and very mortal. I should know--I saved her life. But the whole thing happened when I was looking way easier on the eyes. I thought she'd never track me down once I was back in my Andrew Vari "disguise," but she did, and now--like it or not--she's in my life. The problem is, I do like it--and it looks as if she's falling for me, too...warts and all. I'm so close to completing my mission--but if finding a "true love" for Ariel is my last assignment, this job may never get done...

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