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Author: R J Pineiro

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Condition: Used/Good

Pages: 421

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Description for CONSPIRACY.COM by R J Pineiro:

Hunted by the top companies in America, Michael Patrick Ryan was offered the world: high starting salaries, stock options, and signing bonuses. Ryan set his sights on SoftCorp, Inc., a company with only one client--the Internal Revenue Service.

But Mike Ryan has also fallen into the sights of the FBI. Millions of dollars have been smuggled out of the country, and Karen Frost suspects its someone in the IRS. The deal: federal protection and immunity for information: But Frost has already lost one informant. Someone who got too close to the truth. As Ryan closes in, he realizes that, he is a puppet in a ring masterminded by one man. One man whose agenda is designed to bring America to it knees.

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