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Cooking Light Cookbook 1989

Cooking Light Cookbook 1989


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Description for COOKING LIGHT COOKBOOK 1989 by Leisure Arts:

This all-new volume includes the latest breakthroughs in nutrition, including highlights from the all-important Surgeon General's report. The report underscores the need for Americans to understand the importance of eating more vegetables, fruits, and whole grain products. It also emphasizes the fat factor and its relationship to health and disease. The message sounds simple: eat less fat. The path may appear to be clear---avoid fried foods, use less fat and oil, and trim the extra fat off meat. However, there's more to the story.

Several years of research have given us a clearer picture on fat. Today, terms such as saturated and polyunsaturated have become household words. Now we know more about the type and amount of fat in the diet that contribute not only to heart disease, but also as we have learned most recently, to certain types of cancer.

Used this book as you begin a lifetime of living well. Follow the fitness guides and embark on planning your own total fitness program. Statistics show that Americans are far from the fitness goals established by the U.S. Public Health Service. These objectives were scheduled to be reached by 1990, so now is the time for you to get going and bring your fitness level up to par.

COOKING LIGHT COOKBOOK will assist you on your path towards achieving better health. Along with recipes, menus, a colorie-nutrient chart, and a weekly meal plan, you will find an abundance of information on fitness and nutrition and the role these play in bringing about a healthier lifestyle.

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