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Copper Beeches

Copper Beeches


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Description for COPPER BEECHES by Arthur H Lewis:

THE SONS OF THE COPPER BEECHES is a society that exists solely "to perpetuate the legend that Mr. Sherlock Holmes is not a legend."

Imagine, then, the organization's outrage when Colonel H. Wesley Eberhardt---one of their own members---declares that without Doyle's generous clues "Holmes couldn't have found a missing guppy in a fish pond." To prove the Colonel wrong, the Sons decide to have a "Chase." They will allow the Colonel and his wife three days in which to disappear, then track them down, using only the Master's detecting methods. But the chase which begins good-naturedly soon develops into something far more dangerous. And before it's over, the Sons are involved with another missing person, a very strange undertaker, a headless corpse, and a full-scale manhunt.

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