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Country Editor's Boy

Country Editor's Boy


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Description for COUNTRY EDITOR'S BOY by Hal Borland:

COUNTRY EDITOR'S BOY is memory and more. In this reminiscence, one of this country's most distinguished writers recaptures a time in his past and America's past when both were young and facing the future with plucky confidence.

Here Hal Borland recalls the years from 1915 to 1918, the years following his family's move to Flagler, Colorado, when his father became the owner and editor of a weekly newspaper. Thus it was in Flagler that the author discovered the challenge of frontier journalism, was initiated into the mysteries and adventure of searching for Indian relics, and joined the ranks of pioneer movie projectionists in the West. In Flagler, too, he organized a football team that defeated the county champions twice in a season, and watched---and participated in---the hilarious launching of an "aerial torpedo."

Best of all, though, are Mr. Borland's personal recollections: the pleasure of making friends and the pain of losing them; his relationship to his parents and their reactions as they watch him grow up and away from them.

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