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Crazy Eights

Crazy Eights


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Description for CRAZY EIGHTS by Elizabeth Gunn:


It's a bad blow for Jake Hines when a killer is found not guilty due to a technicality -- and Jake himself is blamed for fouling up Benny Niemeyer's airtight conviction. But before the Rutherford, Minnesota, chief of detectives can work up a new angle to nail this bad seed who kidnapped and murdered an upstanding local woman, Benny is found with his head bashed in at a skateboard park. It would seem, in an odd twist, that justice has been served. But Jake doesn't quite agree.

His search for links to Benny's killer takes him on a trail of drugs that reaches from the city's wealthiest neighborhoods to the poorest, where strange connections make stranger bedfellows and where a case of murder leads to a complex crime with death the only way out.

This is #7 in Jake Hines series & #557 Worldwide Mysteries.

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