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Crazy Love

Crazy Love


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Description for CRAZY LOVE by Steve Brewer:

How crazy with jealousy can someone be? Albuquerque private eye Bubba Mabry learns that jealousy can extend beyond the grave when he’s hired by a mild-mannered millionaire named Melvin Haywood. Haywood’s wife died six months earlier, revealing on her deathbed that she had been unfaithful. Haywood’s tried to put it behind him, but he can’t stop wondering: Who’s been sleeping in my bed?

Interviewing Haywood’s neighbor’s, Bubba bumbles his way into the confines of The Manor, an exclusive community populated by lairs and gossips and adulterers ��" and at least one murderer.

Bubba’s investigation takes him through sports medicine clinics and luxury car dealerships and ritzy parties and country-and-western saloons. And it makes him question much of what he believes about love and marriage, loyalty and loss.

This is #6 in A Bubba Mabry Mystery.

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