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Creole Temptress

Creole Temptress

Author: Lauren Wilde

Book Binding: Mass Market Paperback

Condition: Used/Good

Pages: 448

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Description for CREOLE TEMPTRESS by Lauren Wilde:

To beautiful Nicole Frotier, Americans were a brash, unmannered lot. Her Creole disdain flashed clearly in her eyes as she met the buckskin-clad frontiersman who would be leading the French colonists into East Texas. But her arrogance melted into awe as she took in the magnificent physique and rugged face of this man who emanated raw masculinity. The wild, dangerous American ignited a spark that his strong hands and magical lips soon fanned into flame. In his arms, she was lost . . . but would this half-savage rogue of a man allow a woman to tame him?

Marc Stevens knew the snobbish Creoles' low opinion of Americans --- he held them with just as much disdain. As he undressed the haughty Nicole with his eyes, her glare cried "How dare you!" . . . and Marc was a man who never turned down a dare. So when he finally bared her creamy flesh to his hot kisses, his triumph was complete --- until he found himself being conquered by this exotic temptress. He wanted to protect her from the harsh wilderness, cherish her beauty, and enflame her passions. He'd sworn never to get emotionally involved with a woman . . . but when it came time to say goodbye, could he walk away from his . . . CREOLE TEMPTRESS!

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