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Crimson Angel

Crimson Angel

Author: Penelope Neri

Book Binding: Mass Market Paperback

Condition: Used/Good

Pages: 492

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Description for CRIMSON ANGEL by Penelope Neri:

With one touch her fiery rage became heavenly rapture!


Captain Adam Markham was certain that his treasure-hunting treks were more exciting than any woman - until he saw ravishing Heather Cameron. To kiss her soft sweet lips would be more awesome than discovering priceless jewels. To explore her warm satiny flesh would be more exhilarating than digging for long lost riches. Infatuated by her beauty and lured by her innocence, the virile captain relentlessly pursued her, eager to claim her love for a wild, impassioned night!


Lovely Heather was furious when she first met the arrogant, jet-haired captain. No man had any right to fluster her simply because he was so impossibly handsome! That he was a danger-seeking adventurer made him all the more scandalous. Then his sensuous lips descended on hers and Heather's fiery rage became heavenly rapture. Before she could slap him for his impudence, she was a captive of his powerful embrace, soaring in a golden sky of sensation as his one and only...

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