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Cross Currents

Cross Currents

Author: Robert Rostand

Book Binding: Mass Market Paperback

Condition: Used/Acceptable - Cover

Pages: 307

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Description for CROSS CURRENTS by Robert Rostand:


Vanished without a trace.  More than David Stone's livelihood, she's his life.  Now he's going to find her and the pirates who hijacked her---to hell with the odds...


Just one of the young girls snatched from the elegance of the French Riviera into the cruel maws of the traite des blanches---the rapacious white slave trade.  But Polly is the daughter of beautiful diver Kits Maitland and if there's a trace of the girl in any of the thousand coves that edge the ancient sea, Kits will find her, or die trying...

A man and a woman on an impossible odyssey from Southern France to North Africa and Sardinia---against time, against hope, against a powerful criminal network, as violent and deadly as the secrets that lie in drowning silence beneath the...CROSS CURRENTS

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