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Description for CUTTINGS by Anne Underwood Grant:


The card was unfinished. The flowers were perfect. And both were found near a dead man in the crowded Charlotte Convention Center. The occasion was a world-class gathering of floral. designers. The deceased was a leading practitioner of his art, felled by an apparent heart attack. For Sydney Teague, whose small advertising agency was working the convention, the death was alarming. But then another person dies--this time brutally stabbed.

Now Sydney's balmy city is being smothered by a freak spring snowstorm, the convention is in danger of collapsing, and a madman's rage is in full bloom. Suddenly Sydney realizes how little she knows about some people around her, including her policeman beau. And for Sydney, time is running out. Because the next floral arrangement has just come to her with the greeting When words are not enough...

This is #3 in A Sydney Teague Mystery.

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