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Description for DANGEROUS by Millie Criswell:

He Had a Steel Will

Texas Ranger Ethan Bodine slept with his gun, talked to his horse, and lived by an unbreakable code. Right was right, and wrong meant he brought a man to justice -- even if the outlaw was his brother Rafe. Now Ethan's only goal is to find his brother before a bounty hunter guns him down.

She Had a Velvet Touch

Ethan nver expected his rival to be a horticulturist named Wilhemina Granville. This independent lady had never hunted anything before she galloped off after Rafe Bodine for the reward money. Now not even a tough lawman can make her go home.

The Combination Is ... DANGEROUS

Wilhemina is ready to meet Ethan man to man. He's ready to meet her kiss for kiss. But both desire and dreams can die unless they learn to ride side by side and meet where all differences and boundaries end ... in a territory called love.

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