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Dare To Go A-Hunting

Dare To Go A-Hunting


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Description for DARE TO GO A-HUNTING by Andre Norton:

Throughout the civilized galaxy, in spacers' ports on the most far flung worlds, an ancient Terran legend echoes...about a race of magical beings called the Little People or the Fairy Folk. What if there is truth behind the old stories and songs? What if such a race really exists, fleeing from world to world one step ahead of mankind's ships?

Farree has to know. Orphaned as a child, his earliest memories are of a life of near-slavery in a squalid port town--but he knows he was not born on that world, and the wings on his back are proof that the People may be more than mere legend. He has never seen another of his kind, but if they exist, he means to find them.

Yet there are others equally determined to find the home of the People, others with more sinister reasons to go a-hunting...

This is #4 in Moonsinger Series.

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