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Dark Harbor

Dark Harbor


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Description for DARK HARBOR by David Hosp:

The last time attorney Scott Finn saw his Colleague and ex-lover Natalie Caldwel, he had no idea that only hours later she would become the victim in a grisly murder. Now just as Finn takes over her role in a blockbuster civil lawsuit, a sharp-eyed and suspicious detective pries into his private life, his troubled past, and his complex relationship with Natalie. But her death is part of something more terrifying. She is the seventh woman butchered by the serial killer known as "Little Jack." As evidence emerges pointing to Finn as the killer, one thing becomes increasingly clear: To save his name and his life, he must return to the merciless streets of his youth...and hunt down a sinister enemy who harbors the darkest secret of all.

This is #1 in Scott Finn Series.

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