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Day Of The Dragon

Day Of The Dragon


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Description for DAY OF THE DRAGON by Rebecca York:

Her secrets brought them together. His secrets could kill them...

Dr. Madison Dartmoor is set to present her career-making findings at a Las Vegas archaeology summit until a violent attack at her dig site forces her into silence. Everyone -- including the mystery man who saved her life -- wants to know what she found.

Ramsey Gallagher knows he isn't human. Beyond that, his life is an enigma, and ever since a battle with his twin brother, his mental powers haven't felt the same. He can no longer even manipulate the rolling of the dice. But he's not in Vegas to strike it rich.

He's there to find clues to his past that only Madison can unearth. He never expected for her to be so beautiful, or for her life to be in danger. Now he'll do anything to keep her safe -- the secret to his own life depends on it.

This is #2 in Ramsay Gallagher Series.

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