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Dead Docket

Dead Docket


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Description for DEAD DOCKET by Mitchell Graham:

Katherine Adams and John Delaney have settled into a happy, long distance relationship after the murderous events that threw them together in Majestic Descending. He's a streetwise ex-NYPD detective turned lawyer. She's a hotshot Atlanta lawyer who loves New York but thinks that the Southern Peach is quite a bit of all right. The romance is in full bloom but the miles put a dent in their relationship.

When his father's police partner's daughter is killed in a horrific accident in Atlanta, John goes to settle her affairs and get some much needed time with his sweetie. What he discovers about the young woman's current past is anything but sweet...and the facts surrounding her death suggest that it was anything but accidental. John enlists Katherine to help him discover what really happened.

Doing so puts Katherine in the path of a killer who will stop at nothing to protect his own past.

This is #2 in Katherine Adams & John Delaney Series.

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