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Dead For A Ducat

Dead For A Ducat


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Description for DEAD FOR A DUCAT by Laurence Payne:

He has a decided penchant for beautiful women. His name is known to millions of movie fans. And his powers of deductive reasoning are becoming as famous as his face. Now, Mark Savage, the world's most clever---and possibly only---movie star-turned private detective, is back for another exciting, ingenious, and utterly irresistible romp in which noting is as it appears.

The Macabre fun begins when ex-inspector Sam Birkett invites our man Savage to join him for a drink. But when Birkett's lovely daughter Lindy arrives, looking tired and anxious, Mark begins to realize that this tete-a-tete will not be all good cheer. Indeed, it turns out to be murder---with kidnapping and terrorism on the side.

It seems Lindy's husband Anthony has vanished, and is now suspected of Killing his best friend Geoff Earnshaw. Not an illogical conclusion, since Geoff was killed on the very same night Anthony disappeared. Now the police are completely baffled and the stage is set for some very fast action. First of all, Anthony's father, Sir George Raven, receives a ransom note demanding 500,000 pounds for his son's safe return. Then, the unfortunate Geoff's grave is blown up by an unknown terrorist group calling themselves WALK. Could there be some connection...or does the key to the mystery lie with a different, yet equally deadly, fighting force? Savage must find the answer before either group has a chance to commit any further acts of murderous mayhem.

This is #4 in A Mark Savage Novel.

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