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Dead Letter

Dead Letter


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Description for DEAD LETTER by Jonathan Valin:


The professor was an eccentric old bird, and his daughter was a delicate flower. So how could Harry Stoner suspect the snake pit of hatred and greed he was walking into that winter day when he agreed to find a missing document for Professor Daryl Lovingwell?

Following Sarah Lovingwell to a subversive group landed Stoner face-to-face with a towering ex-marine making a new career of murder. Before Stoner could catch his balance, one of the two Lovingwells was dead, and snow-steeped Cincinnati was cut through the center by a highway of blood and violence. Harry Stoner was in the middle of it--holding the pieces of an explosive puzzle of lies. blackmail, adultery, and evil --an evil you'd never associate with a sensitive little man in tweed, until you saw good people die before your eyes..

This is #3 in A Harry Stoner Mystery series.

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