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Description for DEADFALL by Don Pendleton:

Somewhere outside Munich, the kidnapped head of the CIA is being brainwashed, while in the hills of Bavaria, a secret gathering of Aryan supremacists puts Mack Bolan on the trail of the free world's worst nightmare: a cabal determined to make Germany's past its future- the birth of the Fourth Reich.

One by one, U.S. Intelligence agents in Europe are being assassinated. As the mystery spirals into a free-for-all, a group of dedicated operatives try to sort out the systematic killings and random terror, with Bolan pulling double duty to track the violence to its source.

The Hitler clone who wishes to repeat history in its most loathsome form is about to discover that justice will be hard and merciless at the hands of the Executioner

This is #30 in Super Bolan Series.

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