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Dearest Beloved

Dearest Beloved


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Description for DEAREST BELOVED by Christine Holden:

Dear Arielle --

I beg you to reconsider your career plans--medical school is no place for a woman of your beauty and grace! I know I promised to help you--and I will, I swear--but you must think of all you'll be missing. Passionate whispers. Sweet, tender kisses...But I digress. No matter what you choose, I will always remain--

Most cordially yours, Hunter

Arielle Stanford has heard all about how the mysterious Hunter Braxton goes out of his way to help people realize their dreams. And when she writes to ask him--a stranger!--to help her find a way to attend medical school, he agrees. But then he meets her in person--and decides she's better suited to marriage than medicine. The nerve of the man! She won't let anyone disparage her dream--especially not someone like Lord Braxton. If only he weren't so handsome. So charming. So completely irresistible...

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