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Death At Glamis Castle

Death At Glamis Castle


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Description for DEATH AT GLAMIS CASTLE by Robin Paige:

Lord Charles Sheridan and his American wife, Kate, are on an archaeological dig, excavating sections of Hadrian's Wall, when they receive a mysterious telegram. King Edward has summoned them to Glamis Village, a quaint hamlet north of Edinburgh, without telling them why. Upon their arrival, they discover that they will be staying at Glamis Castle. Nestled in the rugged Grampian Mountains, it is the most historic castle in all of Scotland, a place teeming with dark secrets and haunting shadows. For Kate, this is the perfect opportunity to gather much-needed inspiration for her next Gothic novel. But while she winds her way through the elaborate manor, gleaning the mysterious histories of those who have dwelt there, Lord Charles discovers the real reason behind their journey to Glamis. It seems that Prince Eddy, who had been heir to the throne until his purported death in 1892, has actually been alive all these years. Deemed unfit for the throne, he has been living secretly at Glamis under an assumed name. Only now the prince has gone missing--on the very morning that the body of one of his servants was found, her throat slashed in a manner eerily reminiscent of the Ripper's. Now, Charles and his clever Kate must find Eddy and clear his name--while keeping his true identity a secret...

This is #9 in Kathryn Ardleigh Series.

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