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Death At Play

Death At Play


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Description for DEATH AT PLAY by Nancy Gotter Gates:


When Tommi Poag is invited to join the board of her Greensboro, North Carolina, condo homeowners' association her first "assignment" is a doozy. Her job: convince Fulton Ridenhour to drop the lawsuit he launched after his prize show dog ran away while the association homes were being painted. But before Tommi can charm or negotiate some sense into her nasty and unscrupulous neighbor, the man is found murdered at a popular historic battle reenactment -- stabbed with a bayonet.

Tommi's friend, Garland Merritt, also a reenactor, is arrested when the victim's blood is found on his sword. Certain of his innocence, Tommi is determined to look deeper into Fulton's past. What she finds are shocking and downright dangerous scams involving larceny, cons and worse -- putting Tommi on the wrong end of some deadly secrets and convincing the killer it's time to make Tommi herself history.

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