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Death Message

Death Message


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Description for DEATH MESSAGE by Mark Billingham:

'Thorne looked at the picture, feeling the pulse quicken at the side of his neck. There were times when he couldn't see what was staring him in the face, but this, for better or worse, was his area of expertise. Thorne knew a dead man when he saw him.'

'Delivering the death message.' That's what coppers call it when they have to tell someone that a loved one has been killed. No DI Tom Thorne is receiving messages of his own. Photos of murder victims sent to his mobile phone.

The killer is quickly identified as a man just released from prison; someone who believes he has nothing left to live for. But why is he sending these pictures to Thorne? The answer lies in Thorne's past, with a man he himself sent away for life. Even behind bars, the most vicious psychopath Thorne has ever faced is still a master at manipulating others to do his dirty work for him. Particularly his killings...

This is #7 in A Tom Thorne Thriller.

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