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Death Of A Down-Sizer

Death Of A Down-Sizer


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Description for DEATH OF A DOWN-SIZER by Carole Berry:

The new novel featuring Bonnie Indermill--a single, thirtysomething Manhattanite with a wide range of job skills and a surprising knack for solving crimes.

"Dorfmeyer the Downsizer" has the employees of the Richards & Goode Corporation trembling. He's famous for slashing jobs, and ever since he took over as CEO, the office has been a hotbed of bitterness and paranoia.

For Bonnie, R&G is just a temp job--though she'd hoped to turn it into something permanent. Now, however, Dorfmeyer himself has been terminated...with a gun. And the gun may have Bonnie's fingerprints on it.

All Bonnie wanted was a few benefits, a health plan, the security that comes with steady employment. But if she doesn't resolve this mess soon, the only kind of security she'll have will be the maximum kind...

This is #8 in A Bonnie Indermill Mystery series.

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