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Death Of A Hollow Man

Death Of A Hollow Man


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Description for DEATH OF A HOLLOW MAN by Caroline Graham:


The players of the Causton Amateur Dramatic Society (CADS) were well rehearsed and ready for their opening night production of Amadeus. But no one was prepared for the leading man to give his all to the climactic scene. With one dramatic sweep of the razor across his throat, "Salieri" fell to the floor, bright blood flowing from his neck. Shrieks of horror followed. It was a grand performance, and the last one the actor would ever give.

Who removed the safety tape from the razor? The star's jealous ex-wife? His promiscuous widow? Was it her known lover...or a secret one?

The friendly little drama group turns out to be a hornet's nest of feuding, fragile egos, scandalous secrets, and wickedly amusing motives. And it's up to Inspector Barnaby and Sergeant Troy to collar the culprit...before the curtain comes down on another victim.

This is #2 in An Inspector Barnaby Mystery.

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