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Death Waxed Over

Death Waxed Over


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Description for DEATH WAXED OVER by Tim Myers:

Hot Whacks

It's Founder's Day in New Conover, North Carolina, and the festivities are lively. So lively, in fact, that Harrison Black -- owner of At Wick's End -- doesn't hear the shot that kills Gretel Barnett. True, her candle shop was a rival to his store. And true, his ruthless competitor was shot mere feet away from him. But that doesn't mean Harrison did it ...

Even though Harrison regrets Gretel's untimely death, he has no interest in investigating it on his own. Experience has taught him that these things are best left to the police. But when the wife of the town paper's editor points to him as the killer, Harrison better figure out who extinguished Gretel -- and fast ...

This is #3 in A Candlemaking Mystery.

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