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Deck The Halls

Deck The Halls


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Description for DECK THE HALLS WITH MURDER by Valerie Wolzien:


Building contractor Josie Pigeon and her all-woman construction crew have a big project to wrap up before the holidays--and they're hard at work when carpenter Caroline Albrecht keels over, fatally poisoned.

Suddenly an icy wind of suspicion chills the cheer of this quiet island resort town, and Josie realizes that one of her employees must be Caroline's murderer. Is it Caroline's old friend Layne?...Sandy, who scarcely knew her? ... or good-time local girl Betty? It will take Josie's razor-sharp eye and smart sleuthing to single out the suspect and keep Christmas from turning into a real killer of a season.

This is #3 in A Josie Pigeon Mystery series.

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