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Deep Pockets

Deep Pockets


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Description for DEEP POCKETS by Linda Barnes:

FROM THE IVORY TOWER... Harvard professor Wilson Chaney has a secret and somebody knows it. His adulterous affair with a freshman ended just weeks before she wound up dead. The sole trace of his infatuation is a stack of missing love letters--and they've fallen into the wrong hands...

TO THE GRAVE. Carlotta Carlyle takes the case to find his blackmailer and retrieve the letters. Six-foot-one and red-haired, this private eye doesn't blink when the going gets tough. But can she trust her ultra- secretive client when a suspect turns up dead?

ONE FALSE MOVE AND THIS PROF'S HEADED FOR A FALL. Now Carlotta must zero in on Boston's mean streets and talk her way into Harvard's inner sanctums, uncovering in the process just how intertwined the two are--and just how deadly the stakes can be...

This is #10 in A Carlotta Carlyle Mystery.

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