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Deep Water

Deep Water


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The Florida theme park giant Waldo Whipple has passed on, leaving his legacy to a few "yes" men -- and his last project unfinished. Whipple, creator of the world's most famous muskrat, had dreamt of a suburban Utopia -- a safe, self-sufficient neighborhood right on park grounds. But, unlike Morty and Mindy Muskrat and the other inhabitants of WhippleWorld, the tenants here are real people. And, after the fanfare of its opening, the make-believe town of Serenity has to face real problems. Houses are falling in on themselves. Graffiti defaces whitewashed walls. The mayor accepts sexual favors in return for dues. And four exotic animals have turned up dead. So when a reporter begins to dig up the dirt on America's Hometown, he quickly discovers that Waldo's successors have a decidedly different vision for the town's future -- and if certain people don't stop interfering with it, animals won't be the only things turning up dead ...

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