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Demon's Pass

Demon's Pass


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Description for DEMON'S PASS by Dick Vaughn:


Parker Stanley's family had a dream: to start a new life in the far west. But en route, a Cheyenne hand slaughtered his parents and abducted his sister, leaving him for dead.

Then a cowboy named Clay Springer rode to the rescue--and came up with an idea. He's got a team ready to deliver goods to the Mormons in Utah, but he's short on funds for supplies. He knows that Parker managed to hold on to his family's savings, so he suggests a fifty-fifty partnership. With a three-wagon, seven-man team, Parker and Clay will traverse the barren land to find a secret mountain pass that will save them 300 miles on their journey.

But out in the wilderness, Parker's sister needs saving, too -- and he has vowed to find her....

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