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Detour Ahead

Detour Ahead


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Description for DETOUR AHEAD by Cindi Myers:

Okay, so there are some cliches that are true -- rolling stones gathering no moss and the grass is greener are two that come to mind...mainly because I'm stuck in a ditch next to a sinfully gorgeous and far too stubborn man who won't allow himself to smell the roses. (Yes, I know. It's another true one.)

But I've learned that the kindness of strangers can lead to some pleasant surprises, if not actual happiness. So that (along with a fear of flying and a pesky judge who took away my license) is how I found myself driving cross-country to a friend's wedding with the groom's best friend.

Hmm. Best friend? Isn't there something about that I should remember...?

Harlequin Flipside #35, March, 2005.

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