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Deus Encarmine

Deus Encarmine


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Description for DEUS ENCARMINE by James Swallow:

The legacy of the past could destroy their future!

ON THE REMOTE world of Cybele, the superhuman warriors of the Blood Angels Chapter fight a losing battle against their most bitter enemies, the forces of Chaos. When Battle-Brother Arkio leads a glorious counter-attack that has the enemy reeling, there is talk that this is a holy sign. Is Arkio blessed?

However, events soon begin to spiral out of control as the forces of Chaos reveal a nightmarish plot. If Brother Rafen doesn't find out what's really happening, the entire Chapter may face damnation.

Deus Encarmine is the first of two storming novels based on one of the most popular Space Marine Chapters from the Warhammer 40,000 universe.

This is #1 in Blood Angels series.

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