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Digging Up Otis

Digging Up Otis


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Description for DIGGING UP OTIS by T Dawn Richard:

May Bell List may no longer reside at Waning Years Estates, but her heart can't resist the eccentrics who call it home--or the temptation to sleuth when another murderer strikes. Geriatric troublemaker Otis Culpepper first goes missing, then is found dead in the pool. But May has reason to suspect the dead body isn't Otis's.

His grieving wife isn't really all that broken up; his young mistress has a few secrets; and Otis's nefarious activities at the Sunken Balls pool hall make his sudden death quite advantageous. Obviously, the only way to prove May's theory is to dig up the body that was buried under Otis's tombstone. Then things get really interesting. Because what's inside that casket puts a whole new and deadly slant on the mystery...and puts May in a lot more trouble than she ever imagined.

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