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Dillon After Dark

Dillon After Dark


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Description for DILLON AFTER DARK by Leandra Logan:

He was definitely a bad boy!

San Diego deejay Dillon Danvers was not Dr. Kristina Jordan's type. His long, shaggy, blond hair, bedroom eyes and seam-busting shorts spelled trouble. But his velvet voice seduced Kristina--and all the other women in town--night after night on the airwaves..

. . Dillon was all wrong for the conservative doc. His favorite playground was a mattress, second only to a surfboard. Kristina had a teenager to raise, a practice to run. She wanted a one-woman man, not a sexy fiend adored by hundreds of fans. But Kristina couldn't stay away from Dillon--especially after dark.

This is #40 in Men At Work (reissue)

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