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Divine Inspiration

Divine Inspiration


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Description for DIVINE INSPIRATION by Jane Langton:

After a suspicious fire destroys the old church organ--along with the church sexton--Alan Starr has the complex job of voicing the new one. He's just begun to work when he notices that the church seems to have gained a new congregant--a baby boy who has crawled up the church steps, completely unchaperoned. Fortunately, the new organ is equipped with a little key marked "Div Insp"--for "divine inspiration," which is just what Alan will need when he teams up with Homer Kelly to find the child's mother--and stumbles into a sticky web of church politics.

Accented with Bach's glorious musical puzzles and line drawings detailing the nooks and crannies of Boston, DIVINE INSPIRATION is vintage Jane Langton--with all the stops pulled out.

This is #10 in a Homer Kelly Mystery.

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