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Do You Take This Cowboy?

Do You Take This Cowboy?


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Description for DO YOU TAKE THIS COWBOY? by Cait London & Anne McAllister:

Description for The LOVING SEASON by Cait London: FAIR GAME

Diana Phillips needed time alone to find a new direction in life, so she headed for Colorado's wide-open spaces. But a hotel reservations mistake forced her to board with rancher Mac Maclean. And she quickly found her thoughts straying, with this simply irresistible chili-cooking cowboy around for distraction.

Mac wanted to win this year's local chili cook-off, and to sway the incurably romantic judge he persuaded Diana to play his fiancee. Their convincing charade soon had him wanting the real thing, but Diana's true love was an elusive prize--one he firmly decided to capture at any cost....

Description for COWBOYS DON'T CRY by Anne McAllister: MR. FEBRUARY

The rock: Ranch foreman Robert Tanner-a man who never let any woman get close to him.

The hard place: The Bar C--the Wyoming spread he was used to running like it was his own.

And in between was Maggie MacLeod--the unwanted, unwelcome, unnervingly tempting new owner of his ranch! And it sure looked like the city-bred schoolmarm was planning to make the place her own--and tear down al l the fences he'd built around his battered heart ....

MAN OF THE MONTH: Meet Robert Tanner and his brothers, Luke and Noah. Three proud, strong men who live-and love-by THE CODE OF THE WEST.

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